Diving Courses

A wide range of TDI, SDI and PADI training programs are on offer. Additionally, private clinics are available for those wanting to focus on a particular skills. Please click on the diver training options below for more information.

TDI Courses

View the range of tech diving courses on offer from the world’s largest technical certification agency. Find out more here.

PADI Courses

View PADI courses, including several self-authored and approved classes. Find out more here.

SDI Courses

SDI, a sister agency of TDI specializes in recreational dive training and a great e-learning platform. Find out more here.

Private Clinics

From perfecting buoyancy control, deploying a SMB to building confidence and new skills. You get to decide. Find out more here.

Underwater Metal Detectorist

Treasure anyone? Explore the self-authored underwater metal detection program, find out more here.

Full Face Mask Diver

A self-authored, PADI approved program giving divers the know how to safely execute full face mask dives. Find out more here.

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