Private Clinics

Private diving clinics are custom classes focusing on absolutely anything you wish to improve with your diving. It could be for example an Open Water diver wanting more confidence in SMB deployment or buoyancy control. Or perhaps a diver wanting to brush up on propulsion techniques and trim before a technical class. Even a diver wanting a little bit of reassurance and to pick up a few pointers while they find their feet during fun dives.

Private clinics are open to the following:
  • Recreational sport divers of any level,
  • Technical divers or prospective candidates for technical training.
Popular examples of clinics have included:
  • Buoyancy control workshop,
  • Fun diving – Helping to increase confidence and ironing out bad habits,
  • Surface marker buoy deployment and propulsion techniques,
  • How to guide dives effectively.
  • Subic Bay, Philippines.


  • Onboard a vessel or other location of your choice.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas further.

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