PADI Diving Courses

A full range of PADI diver training is offered including several self-authored PADI approved courses – Click for information on Compressor Operator and Full Face Mask Diver.

For PADI TEC Technical Diving courses, click here.

Courses can be conducted either in Subic Bay, onboard a vessel or at another location of your choice. Please get in touch to discuss the next step for PADI programs or for information on any course not listed.

Open Water Diver

The adventure begins here, the entry level SCUBA certification. Click here.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Continue with experience in navigation, deeper diving and more. Click here.

Rescue Diver

Learn how to respond and manage dive emergencies. Click here.


Make a career out of diving, manage dive activities and be a leader. Click here.

Deep Diver

Develop and learn skills necessary to safely dive up to 40m / 130ft. Click here.

Wreck Diver

Explore shipwrecks and learn reel and line use for safely penetrating them. Click here.

Search & Recovery Diver

Search, rig and recover small to large objects and learn the theory behind it. Click here.

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

Extend your no-stop time by using enriched air nitrox. Click here.

PADI TEC Technical Diving Courses

TEC 40

Take the step over to technical diving. Learn the fundamentals here.

TEC 45

Build upon TEC 40 for accelerated decompression dives to 45m. Click here.

TEC 50

Use multiple deco gases for deco dives down to 50m. Click here.

TEC Gas Blender

Safely handle oxygen and learn different blending methods here.

Tec Trimix 65

Introducing trimix to a maximum depth of 65m. Course page coming soon, contact us for further information.

Tec Trimix 90

The full trimix course, teaching hypoxic blends to a maximum depth of 90m. Course page coming soon, contact us for further information.

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