TDI Technical Diving Courses

Technical Diving International, the largest technical training agency in the world and one of the first to provide mixed gas and rebreather training. TDI are committed to the highest quality of training and latest materials. Training can be carried out either in Subic Bay, Philippines, onboard a suitable vessel or other location of your choice. Click on the courses below for more information.

Intro to Tech

There to expand diver knowledge and prepare you for the next level.

Advanced Nitrox

Build on in-water skills, understanding of mixes greater than 40% o2 and develop the essentials to move forward.

Deco Procedures

Extend not only your bottom time but your decompression theory and diving techniques up to 45m.

Extended Range

Further your skills decompression diving up to 55m with multiple deco gases.

Oxygen (O2) Equipment Service Technician

Learn the preparation of SCUBA equipment for use with oxygen and other technical gases.

Nitrox Gas Blender

Learn safe oxygen handling and mixing techniques.

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