Underwater Metal Detectorist Course

Whether being used as a search & recovery tool, to locate archaeological artifacts, or to extend a land based hobby under the water, underwater metal detecting is fun and rewarding. The course is a unique, self-written training program. It caters for divers seeking underwater metal detecting skills for both recreation or professional activities.

The course serves to familiarize divers with the knowledge, skills, procedures and techniques to safely and effectively execute dives using underwater metal detectors. There is a classroom presentation, a dry exercise session followed by two open water dives.

  • 15 years old.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver certification or above.
  • 2 Days
Topics Covered:
  • History of metal detectors,
  • How metal detectors work,
  • Underwater metal detector features,
  • Preparation and maintenance of underwater metal detectors,
  • Techniques to get the most from underwater metal detecting,
  • Diving considerations with an underwater metal detector.
  • Subic Bay, Philippines.


  • Onboard a vessel or other location of your choice.

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